Award Winning

Legacy Project Inc. has won several awards for our recycling programs. We are extremely proud of our companies achievements as well as our employees.

Our company has won awards from the mayor of New Orleans as well as the Governor of Louisiana.

"CATCH AN ENVIROMENTALIST AWARD" was presented to one of our employees from the environmental program manager at NASA for his support of NASA's Recycling & Affirmative Procurement Program.

One award we are especially proud of is our award for "Support of the Space Shuttle program through our attention to detail" from Lockheed Martin Space Systems.

We have been and will continued to be a local leader in commercial recycling in New Orleans.



Our Beginning

Legacy Project Inc. has been providing local businesses and government with comprehensive recycling and shredding services since 1985. Founded by a true environmentalist, Legacy was created not for business reasons but for environmental reasons.


In the 80's there was a desperate need for commercial recycling in the greater New Orleans area. There was a tremendous amount of recyclable material being deposited into landfills. With only a small pickup truck and trailer, and with the help of environmentally conscious building managers, we slowly were able to install recycling programs into the majority of the large multi-tenant commercial office buildings in and around New Orleans.

Legacy Project Inc. began as a recycling company with the ability to have proprietary material destroyed for our customers. At that time many financial and health care institutions did not require that personnel information be destroyed. As the new Federal regulations and privacy laws began to take effect, we were able to seamlessly install secure confidential document shredding programs to the list of services we offered. Our clients now include Home Offices, Legal, Financial, Engineering, Health Care, Hi-Tech Aerospace, Industrial and all levels of State and Federal Government.